Laser Hair Removal Q&A

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How long has Advanced Laser Clinics been in business?

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Why use the LightSheer Diode over other hair removal systems?

How does the LightSheer system remove hair?

Is it safe?

Does it hurt?

Who performs the treatments?

How many treatments will I need?

What will I look like / how red will I be after the treatment?

I have dark skin / I tan – can I be treated?

What about blonde / red / gray hair?

Do I need to grow the hair out before my consultation / treatment?

Do I have to stop bleaching / tweezing / using depilatories, etc?

How far apart are the treatments spaced?

How long before I see results?

Can I be treated while taking medications?

I’m pregnant / planning on becoming pregnant. Can I still be treated?

Microdermabrasion Q&A

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What is Microdermabrasion?

How much does it cost?

How does it work?

Is it safe for all skin types?

Why should I have a Microdermabrasion treatment?

How often are the treatments given?

How many treatments are needed to achieve significant results?

Are there any side effects from Microdermabrasion treatments?

What can I expect after my first treatment?

Is Microdermabrasion limited to the face?

Tattoo Removal Q&A

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How big is a square inch?

My tattoo has lots of colors. Can it be removed?<

Will it be gone after my first treatment?

I had my first treatment and nothing seems different. Is this normal?

I had a treatment a week ago and it seems all healed. Can I come back sooner than six weeks?

Are there any limitations after treatment?

I love the tattoo, but this one part bothers me. Can I just have that section removed?

I have permanent make-up (lip liner, eyeliner, eyebrows). Can you remove it?

Do I have to pay for my entire treatment in advance?

Will I have a scar?

Does it hurt?

ALC Skin Care Products Q&A

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Why should I use ALC Post Laser Lotion after Laser Hair Removal treatments rather then my own lotion or aloe Vera gel?

What can I use to reduce the chance of ingrown hairs or pimples during the grow-out phase of Laser Hair Removal?

I know I need to protect my skin from sun exposure. Are all sunscreens the same?

What makes ALC skin care products “natural”?

The Facial Cleanser doesn’t lather like regular soaps, is it still cleaning my skin?

I don’t like the dry feeling of Toners; should I use the vitamin facial toner?

What makes the Facial Moisturizers different for each skin type?

Will the Rejuvenating Facial Oil make my skin greasy?

My skin is prone to break outs. What products can I use to prevent them?